Terrarium 3


         Since the last time I posted about our terrarium, a lot has changed. a lot in the land portion and a lot in the water portion. In this post, I will tell you what has all changed with it as far as the land and water portion. First starting with the land, our plant in our land portion, has grown to 22 cm (8.6 inches) since last time when it was 20 cm. there is also moss growing in it! its only a little bit, but its still something new. there has been a lot of condensation too. Now for the aquatic portion, in the aquatic portion, the elodea we had, grew significantly and our fish and snail are still alive and doing just the same as last time, today our snail came out of the water partially. The way our terrarium is similar to a real ecosystem is it has the same components, plant, food and water, and a living animal, just like you'd see in a real ecosystem


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