Terrarium 3

Since the last time I posted about our terrarium, a lot has changed. a lot in the land portion and a lot in the water portion. In this post, I will tell you what has all changed with it as far as the land and water portion. First starting with the land, our plant in our land portion, has grown to 22 cm (8.6 inches) since last time when it was 20 cm. there is also moss growing in it! its only a little bit, but its still something new. there has been a lot of condensation too. Now for the aquatic portion, in the aquatic portion, the elodea we had, grew significantly and our fish and snail are still alive and doing just the same as last time, today our snail came out of the water partially. The way our terrarium is similar to a real ecosystem is it has the same components, plant, food and water, and a living animal, just like you'd see in a real ecosystem

Terrarium 2

this is our terrarium now, it was different last week, the plant was smaller and there was less condensation in it, the plant has grown significantly since the last time you saw it, the height of the plant 20 cm. After that, We had to constantly refill the aquatic part of it, our snail was dead when we got the terrarium, so we got a new one and it is still alive, our fish is also still alive even though this is our second one, the elodea in the aquatic portion has started to grow roots and rapidly grow, the string that is allowing water to come up and get to the plant has started to grow what looks like mold from the dirty, musty water. I think the reason our fish died before was we weren't feeding it enough, or the water was too dirty for it, but this new one is still alive and doing well.


This is our terrarium, what we used to make it is a goldfish, a snail, spring water, elodea and cosmos. Three changes that have occurred in our terrarium is, after a couple days, the water started to evaporate causing condensation in the inside of the bottle, then, the plant started to sprout and get really tall, lastly, our fish died after a couple days and so did our snail. Our terrarium is similar to an ecosystem, because it has what an ecosystem needs to survive, a form of water, a source of food, and oxygen. it has plant life (elodea and cosmos) and wild life (fish and snail).

climate change

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climate change picture
         The video I watched talked about climate change. The animal they chose to use for an example was a polar bear, and how because of climate change the polar Bear's habitat is being destroyed. A way it is being destroyed is because the ice is melting. Polar bears live most of their lives on sea ice, hunting for food for them and their young. As the ice melts the polar bears have no way of hunting to food.          The article i read talked about green house gases, what are green house gases? they are the remains of when someone burns fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gasoline. And it releases water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane into the air. These gases trap heat within earths atmosphere. They act like the glass in a green house, that is why they are called "green house gasses". Over the past 1,000 years, temperature changes have fit in a range of 2 extreme periods, the high mark took place around 1200 and 1400. A &quo…